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Since 2004 our founder and team have established one of the broadest video data footprints in the industry. It includes more than 5,000 campaigns tracked, including 2,000 Video Campaigns. We now track over 500 million video views daily and have analytics on over 910 billion video views in aggregate. That means that we know why consumers choose to view some content and not others. You could even say we have it down to a science.


Our digital distribution strategy is designed to set campaigns up for success from day 1. We tailor a media plan based on the advertiser’s specific goals, then use our proprietary technology (GvE ™) to optimize the content’s performance in real time. In addition, our platform allows us to deliver the small and critical insights that make all the difference for brands and publishers.


We know that simple video views don’t guarantee real results for our brands, and we refuse to leave the results to chance. To make sure our clients are happy, we don’t just guarantee video views—we also ensure that the views come from your target audience and surpass your campaign goals. If that seems too good to be true, believe it! Today, our partners and proven strategies make truly effective video campaigns possible. Working with Nielsen OCR and Comscore VCE, we really can guarantee that your videos are watched by their intended audience, tracked by the global authorities in audience tracking. What’s more, with our comprehensive media mix of over 25,000 partners and access to over 4 million sites, we’re sure to get your content viewed by the people who count. We make the most of behavioral, demographic, contextual, geo, and even psychographic targeting data to eliminate the guessing game and lock on to even the most specific audiences.


Get ready to hit refresh, because we offer detailed reporting to our clients so you can track the progress of your campaign, with 100+ metrics, weekly status updates, and Wrap Up Reporting complete with analysis and recommendations. All of these real time updates might keep you checking your devices for more good news, so remember to go outside and rest assured that we’re working hard behind the scenes to save you any headaches.