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The traditional relationship between brand and consumer is long gone. While brands used to have control over the ads that consumers watched, today consumers have much more choice in the matter. Consumers choose what they want to watch and when, how they want to view media, and even the ad content that is relevant to them.


We have spent years immersed in the advertising world, tracking its evolution and building lasting relationships with thousands of publishers, sites and blogs. Through this network we’ve developed an audience of over one billion (1.2 billion to be exact) monthly unique users globally, including 250 million in the United States alone.


With this audience and our own proprietary and partner dashboards, we’ve tracked over 910 billion video views online. This provides us with the big data analytics that make it possible to predict which videos people will watch and share.


Understanding user behavior is both an art and a science, as it varies drastically between mediums and publishers. Our experience and analysis of thousands of campaigns gives us the knowledge to help our clients reach ambitious goals. We leverage our dynamic audience to get real results, whether our brands are looking for shares, completions, clickthroughs, or interactions.


Put simply, we ensure that our brands efficiently reach the online audience they’re seeking no matter who or where they are. Our robust video advertising marketplace reaches over 1 billion unique viewers every month globally, across hundreds of integrated publisher sites. Using our targeting methods, including demographic, behavioral, geographic, contextual, and even psychographic targeting, we are able to engage even the most niche audiences. We dare you to give us an audience we can’t reach.

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Client testimonials

GlassView offers top tier ad placements, as well as excellent efficiency and economy. Their 'polite videos' achieve awareness, education and engagement, three key steps in the purchase funnel that most video advertising doesn't reach.

A.J. Falvo, Senior Director,
Digital Marketing, Oxford Communications

GlassView is a great online videos ads enhancer and it was a pleasure to work with this New York Startup that understands the French Market and France very well. We launched the video of our range of water bottles Jolival Fontaine, partnered of Paris Saint Germain, with GlassView and the results and the analytical quality were top notch thanks to the role of the reactive and rigorous team.

Stéphanie Blanc, Director of Marketing & Communication

The entire team at GlassView is great to work with. They are immediately responsive and proactive with communications- which is essential to us as an agency, given our own demands we have with our clients.

In addition to solid account management, GlassView continues to go above and beyond focusing delivery of our campaigns on top tier relevant properties & exceeding our performance expectations consistently. (It is not uncommon for performance to be that of 2x or 3x industry standards!) The campaigns we've run with GlassView have exceeded not only our expectations but also that of our clients.

Michael Fernandez, Factory 360

The GlassView team is a pleasure to work with on all levels. They are knowledgeable, quick, efficient and produce great results. The campaign managers at GlassView ensure that goals are set from the beginning and results are delivered in a way that’s easy to share with the client to showcase an excellent ROI. I appreciate the team’s willingness to consistently go above and beyond to help with any question, large or small. I would highly recommend GlassView for your digital video distribution needs.

Victoria Gestner
Senior Account Manager, Henson Consulting

GlassView developed a comprehensive media mix targeting IT decision makers, C-suite and Fortune 500 executives, securing placements on high-profile properties and over-delivering on views and clickthrough rate.

Kay Fernandez, VP
Strategic Business Development, Konica Minolta

We have worked with GlassView to reach even the most niche audience and have been impressed with campaign results. GlassView has exceeded ours and our clients expectations. In addition to great delivery and results, the GlassView Team is always a pleasure to work with - courteous, detail-oriented, and seemingly always available to help out. We look forward to continuing to grow our relationship with GlassView.

Jessie Hawkins, Faircom

GlassView provided us with the ability to reach audiences we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to through its targeted video distribution, exceeding our goal by 400 percent.

Jonathan Slawson, Manager, Carnegie Hall Notables

For Advertisers

The GlassView Exchange (GVX) is among the world’s largest private marketplace. With reach up to 1.2 billion viewers worldwide, including 250 million in the US alone and growing, we can target based on context, demographic, audience type, device, geography, income, gender, and age.
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For Publishers

In our second year of existence, GlassView is on track to work with 30 of the world’s 50 biggest brands. You read that right. Not an easy feat and a testament to what’s to come. Tap into our pipeline of premium brand content from the best advertisers.
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